Fox & Friends’ misspells ‘spelling bee’ in on-air graphic

Can I get a definition for the word “oops”?

A graphic on the Fox News program “Fox & Friends” Monday morning displayed a pretty ironic error as the word “bee,” as in spelling bee, was misspelled in a story about a recent spelling battle in Kansas City.


Copy Check Skip

I was reading an article on today, looked over at the banner on the right and realized that Editorial got skipped.

I’m guessing in an attempt to make it all fit, somebody compromised spelling.



The Original Copy Bug Fixer..

I was watching DeathWish2 today because I never a chance to see it. There was a scene where Charles just layed down the law, pilfers a hospital ID, and decids to put white out across the name on the badge in an attempt to forge his identity and lay down the law even further.

Here’s to Wite-Out, the no need for a bug database instant copy fixer.


Not too sure why this is multi-purpose.

Odd fact: Wite-out was invented in 1951 by the secretary Bette Nesmith Graham,and mother of Mike Nesmith of The Monkees.