I found a CSS bug today on Linkedin..

I was posting a comment on a linkedin group thread today, and I found this little bug. I was a bit curious as to what would happen if a new dynamic message appeared on the site and I triggered an existing flag. The results are below. I was able to reproduce this in all of the major browsers.

Test Case:
Precondition: User has an existing log-in and is part of a group that they can post to.
1. Navigate to Linkedin
2. Log-in with existing credentials
3. Post a comment on a thread. (You can delete it temporarily), click any of the existing menu items.

You will see the following:

Linkedin Bug

The text that was hidden was ‘Click on’ that I could not see or click on, then the visible text ‘Poll to get started’. This is the type of bug that I dislike the most. A bug that affects a major function of the site; even if it’s a message to get to that function.

Tested on: Mac with Parallel’s Desktop (Win 7, Vista, XP)
Browsers: Shipped

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