The strongest 404 page error…

Megaupload, a major digital locker was recently shutdown recently pursuant to an order issued by a U.S. District Court. In the wake of these events, the shutdown has raised some major concerns about online legal content.

Some companies have already begun changing their policies due regarding content that is copyrited., another popular digital locker stopped allowing people to download files that they had not uploaded themselves. also blocked access from Internet locations that are in the U.S. It seems this may cause a ripple effect for other popular digital lockers as users may be too afraid to upload any media content to lockers out of fear they will be shutdown just like MegaUpoad. Their redirect which I tried to break is pretty much unbreakable and they mean business due to the Federal flier that they left hanging on their domain.

So what does this mean for users of MegaUpload? Let’s take into consideration that lockers are more user friendly in general, and this is one of the main reasons why sharing has become so popular. Your grandmother could basically open her email, click on a link and download a copyrited movie, or any other type of copyrited media your grandmother may be into.

Alternatives such as BitTorrent and PirateBay, are much more difficult to use, but they are also completely FREE. Due to the higher complexity of these peer-to-peer sites, I can only imagine grandmothers across America will start using torrents along with the rest of post-shutdown Megaupload users, as the gravy train it now just, stopping at a different station.

Piratebay doesn’t even seem afraid. I had gone over to their site after the jump, and expected to see a banner of man shivering and sweating, with a cartoon caption ‘I didn’t upload anything, I just host the domain’ plastered horizontally across that banner.

PirateBay didn’t really seem to care about the fall of Megaupload from what I could tell. It’ll be interesting to see if there is a rise of users that start using torrent to get their files. The next time you go over grandma’s house, she may just be a seeder.

In the meantime, please see the indestructible custom 404 page that the authorities have put in place to let you know, downloading is not so legal! If there were 500 Errors, this page wouldn’t change.

Custom shutdown

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