Aging Booth App..

Aging booth is an app that lets you upload a picture from your iPhone photo library and at the press of a button, see how the person in the picture looks 50 years down the line. There was a similar app called Age My Face Pro that wasn’t nearly as good as this. I paid around $.99 for this app and after playing around with it for a few; couldn’t believe how well of a job this app does in showing a much older version of the person in the selected photo. It’s almost too realistic. It even mimics life(uncut) sucking the happiness out of your face and removing the twinkle from the eye. For Christ’s same, Kristen Stewart looks like the Hollywood vampire fad has run dry many moons ago.

I uploaded some pics of my girlfriend out of curiosity to give her the demo, and well, it’s 12:29am and I’m sleeping on the couch.


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