Patron trailblazing the way for drunken mobile device charging in a bar

I live in NYC and am glad to find out that mobile device owners in New York City can now charge their phones in over 50 bars across the city. Patron has partnered with goCharge, the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of Mobile Device Charging Kiosks, to provide 50 New York bars with phone charging kiosks to charge their dying phones while they drown their sorrows away or create new ones by trying to pick up women in bars.

These kiosks can simultaneously charge up to 16 mobile devices at one, including nearly all models of smartphones, mp3 devices; and cell phones as well. I do however see a pecking order here as I never see any real reason to ever charge my mp3 player if it runs out. Yes, I do have both a smart phone and an mp3 player separately as I highly value my previous limited battery life.

You can even locate a kiosk with you iphone, granted it still has it’s charge. I do see a lot of potential for all the stakeholders here as you can view brand specific content as you recharge you phone.. I wonder if you actually have to order some Patron to use the kiosk, but I have not tried this use case. I do see one downside however. If people get too wasted, they may start kicking the kiosk and asking where is the plastic toy guns to shoot the non-existent virtual deer. If you are seeing deer on the large digital touchscreen at this point, maybe it’s time to head home.


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