Don’t forget to accelerate!

Shame on you Yamaha! Take the case of a two young girls took out a personal water craft in the hopes of a having a quick fun ride in the West Palm Beat area of South Florida. Minutes later the two girls were involved in a tragic accident, colliding with another boat while traveling very fast. One of the girls suffered severe brain damage and other physical injuries, while the other young girl died at the scene.

According to this article posted by the Palm Beach Post, here is how the accident happened:

“The girls turned right in front of a boat. You know why?” said David Kleinberg, who represents Archer. “They couldn’t steer.”

Archer, who was driving, did exactly what any beginner would do when she decided to head back to Holly’s house, he said. She took her hand off the throttle to slow for the turn. What she didn’t know was that once she released the throttle, she couldn’t steer the water scooter, Kleinberg said.

“She did exactly what is intuitive and exactly what Yamaha said they were going to do,” he said. Instead of turning, the WaveRunner went straight, colliding with the boat.

Baker said 1986-2000 owner’s manuals warned that beginners were likely to release the throttle when headed toward an obstacle. “Don’t forget to accelerate,” it advised. In 2001, he said, the warning was inexplicably removed even though the danger still existed.

Yamaha was one of the last water scooter manufacturers to correct the steering problem. It did so in 2003. The girls were on a 2001 model.

“Unfortunately, it did not happen in time to help the Perez family or Samantha Archer, who suffered catastrophic injuries,” Baker said. “It was too little too late.”

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but there seems to be a lot of wrong going on here. Not only did Yamaha know about an existing defect that can result in death BTW, but they removed it from the manual after 2000, and decided to fix that defect 3 years later, while making models that had this defect during those 3 years.

Even if this poor girl were to read the manual, she wouldn’t have found out about this defect. Also, why would she assume that something that is that intuitive, like not speeding up when your about to hit a boat, would result in a death.

If this is the kind of quality Yamama is putting out, it will be the last time I buy/use/recommend a product from them. Besides I might do something very intuitive and end up dead.

Remember if you’re ever on a water scooter going very fast from Yamaha pre-2003 and you’re your about to hit another boat or a large object like a mountain per se; Don’t forget to accelerate!

It’s just like a game of chicken.

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