Top 10 bugs of 2010

Software Quality Systems has a list of the worst software defects of 2010.

See below:

1. Car manufacturers – review because of the braking system.
Review from the market of two new models of auto due to a malfunction in the anti-lock braking system (ABS)

2. Organs removed from the donor by mistake.
Faulty software has led to the removal of not those organs of 25 donors in the UK. Bug was in the software responsible for converting data that has been used to download the information about organs subject to transplantation.

3. Ministry of State Department prevented the online tax filing
Hundreds of people were unable to complete tax returns on the department’s website, because of a defect that led to the blocking of accounts of the Users.

4. Stock exchange
Stock Exchange hit by technical problems (simply glitches) during the first phase of migration to the new platform, trading on alternative platforms was resumed only an hour later (which naturally entailed significant losses for the stock exchange).

5. Software led to the stoppage of work of thousands of GPS receivers.
During the installation updates on the stations of ground control for satellite GPS, staff found the problem, leading to a two-week “blindness” of approximately 10,000 GPS receivers.

6. Defect of alarm in a mobile phone
Defect led to the alarm clock did not work properly installed manually. With automatic transition from summer to winter time (and vice versa) the time changes everywhere, but not in the functionality of an alarm clock.

7. Bug of 2010 has hit the credit cards
Defective microchip embedded in credit cards has made them useless, because he could not recognize 2010 as the date, making chaos in one of the European countries. Bug manifested itself for about 30 million credit cards.

8. Loss of private data in one of the social networks
Users have access to a private chat of their friends, but could also see requests for friendship sent to them.

9. Unauthorized access to a mobile phoneBug allows anyone to bypass the 4-digit PIN code to access the contacts and voice messages on your phone.

10. Bugs discovered a remote access to telephones for hackers

I wonder if this one will make this years list considering that this bug allows convicts to get out of jail.

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