I don’t have a personal vendetta against the Zyrtec site.

I really don’t as much as it would appear that way. I just hate bugs like this. There are many things going on here that are just wrong including a really terrible design that doesn’t handle dynamic changes to the UI.

I wanted to go to the Zyrtec Allergy Forecast Tool and find out the Allergy Forecast in my area. It’s sounds like a simple enough task.

As soon as the page loads in which this tool resides, I am presented with a default number of 0.0 in this tools display. Fair enough. I type in 10466 which is a valid zip code somewhere in the Bronx. I get no result, just another prompt telling me to enter in another zip code and the default 0.0 number is now gone. It is working? I’m not sure. Let’s try zip code: (90210). I thought it was a pretty cool show and everybody knows that one. I get the forecast and it’s 2.6 which tells me something is working. Perhaps it’s only works for popular TV shows.

However, the light box is covering this number now after I have gotten a clean result, so I can’t really see this number because the zip code light box is over the number. I type in another valid zip code (10010) and then nothing happens. I’m inclined to really believe now that this feature only works sometimes.

I then enter in zip code for Rose, NY (14542). It’s not really telling me either if there just isn’t a forecast for that area pr any of the failed queries I’ve initiated. I then enter in another valid NY zip code (11413) and still nothing.

I then click on the zip code anchor which looks like a link, and it is. Now I am getting a javascript void error. I click on that link again, again after closing out the light box for entering in my zip code, and it pops up again. I do believe this was the intended function for this anchor. However, where was the flag to tell the user what’s going on and that clicking this link will do two different things? Where is the UI experience that I was really hoping for where I can assign a function to a particular action as a regular user would using intuition.

At this point, I checked the validation which had worked. However the main function of this feature is to look up the allergy forecast in my area. NOT to validate zip code formats which produce no results. At this point in time, it was too late.

I just gave up on this feature of the site. I’m also not sure what the map requirements are as it only serves the purpose of being a static image.

See the test cases below:

Date of Bug: 7/30/2011
OS: Windows 7
Browser: Google Chrome v. 12.0.742.122



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