My Allergies are Killing Me Pt. 2 – Cross-Browser DIsplay ft. CSS

I usually try not to blow the whistle twice in one day; but my allergies are driving my actions at this point since the pollen count is up and the heat index is at a record high. So is the defect count in this particular browser.

Whoever tested this site, not only neglected that I can’t enter in a zip code in the allergy forecast finder in currrent version of Chrome, but I’ve also noticed that there is a pretty bad display issue in the same Google Chrome 12.0.742.122. Since Google is pretty reliable for backwards compatibility, it probably displays like this in earlier versions as well. But that is only a hunch.

This site also functions differently than in other browsers as choosing a product in the Product Selection drop-down only should yield the default selection of ‘What Size’ until you make a selection in the first drop down which will determine the count and subsequently, the actual product in the second drop down. However, this only happens after initially making a selection in the first dynamic drop down. This is not functioning as expected in this particular browser and possibly the OS as well.

The drop downs below are not functioning as expected, and the size of the drop downs are aligned out of the call out box. The call out box also has too much bottom white space as well.

Cross Browser Testing should become a mantra to all QA Testers.

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